Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So Casey and I have been talking about painting our nasty doormat forever but we never figured out exactly how we wanted to do it. Yesterday I decided I was just going to go for it. Our doormat couldn't  have looked worse than it already did. We had seen a doormat that said "Nice Underpants" and well, that is exactly something our doormat would say. So here is how I did it....

Start with your old doormat or a new one. (Fix up your old one and save money or buy a new one that is already the color you want!)

I spray painted the first coat with black spray paint. It took a while to cover the whole mat. We didn't really want our mat to be black but it's the only color that would cover up all the designs.

Then I put another coat of spray paint on the mat to make the color more consistent.

Using acrylic paint and a sponge brush I outlined the word "NICE" first in the top center area of the mat.

Then I put another coat of the paint to make the letters thicker and darker.

One more super super thick coat of paint to make these letters as solid as possible on this mat.

Then I wrote the "UNDERPANTS" word with a different color of paint and a sponge brush. I tried to center them as best as possible.

Another coat to make the letters a little thicker.

And another coat to really thicken the letters and make them as solid as possible.

Let it dry and then it is ready to use! We think it's pretty stinkin' cute compared to what it used to look like.


  1. I need this asap for my new place!!

  2. This is so cool!
    I'm totally goping to try it out

  3. lol this awesome!! I saw this carpet in Pinterest and I was wondering where to buy it, but know I can make my own! thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Super cute but why did you spray paint it on the grass? That's just putting pollutants straight into the ground. It would have been just as easy to put some newspaper or cardboard down.

    Now the rain is going to wash those pollutants right into the ground water and into rivers and streams. Pretty disappointing.

    I hate it when people comment negatively on blogs. I usually think, "Gosh, get a life." But as an environmentalist, I had to say something.

    I do like your blog, ladies.

    1. We welcome comments like these because honestly that never crossed our mind. However if you really do hate to see negative comments on blogs, why didn't you just send us an email? Publicly calling someone out is never the way to go. It was an honest mistake. We are pretty environmentally friendly people, but we aren't perfect.

  5. I LOVE this and am totally doing it! LOVE what it says! FUNNY

  6. oooh that's so cute! and cheeky ;P

    p.s. you've got a nice layout for everything :)

  7. Hahahaha-- found you via Curbly. Love this "cheeky" craft (made even better by the obvious pun), and I might just have to do it! I'm interested to know how the acrylic and spray paints are holding up.

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

  8. This looks great! But just one question though...
    Because of the materials you have used, did you find any residue coming into the house? Or has this been more of a decorative thing?
    I reckon it looks beautiful and cant wait to make one myself :)

  9. This is my most favorite DIY door mat that I've seen on the web!

    How is the paint holding up? I'm wondering as I recently made a diy door mat (different kind than yours though) and was wondering how the paint would hold up. So far, it's great...but time will tell.

    You can check mine out at:


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