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We are soooo ready for Spring! Aren't you? So tired of the Nashville weather not being able to make up it's mind!! So I decided that if I wanted to be pulled out of these winter blues- I'd need a fresh and fun mani! Here's what I did to create these fun Pastel and Poppy Flower Nails!
The best way to create these nails is to do one nail at a time. First you need to paint the background color of your nail. I used Essie's 'Nice is Nice,' which is a pastel purple.
While the background color is still wet, paint on the poppy flowers. (I used N.Y.C. polish in 'Times Square Tangerine Creme' for the flowers.) To do this all you really need to do is create a floral-shaped blob of nail polish. I started by creating a really fat "X" shape with the polish brush and then painted it into a more circular shape.
Basically you have created a rugged looking circular shape. (This tutorial is meant to give these flowers a sort of abstract look so don't get caught up in making the shapes perfect.) 
While your nail is still wet, take either a nail art brush or a pencil dipped in polish and put a dot in the center of the flowers. I used black. The reason we want to do this when nails are still wet is so the colors sort of mush together. You also don't get the bumpy effect on your nails if you do this but, you must work quickly. (The bumpy effect I'm referring to is the one that is created by putting many layers on your nails.)
Take a pencil dipped in a pale green polish (I used Avon's 'Green with Envy') and add 2 dots on either side of each flower. These should only show up just enough create interest so it's best not to use a darker green color.
Finish with a clear top coat- I used Essie's 'No Chips Ahead.' Then you are finished! You could create these nails in pretty much any color you wanted but since poppy flowers were my inspiration, I decided to use a color similar to their true color!

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  1. love these nails. how do you take your pics? Do you have someone else taking them for you?
    I am a fellow DIY-er and blogger, and am always frustrated I can't do nail diy's cuz I can't hold the camera and paint at the same time lol

    1. Thanks for the comment Allison! The picture situation is different for each of our posts. Sometimes I have done the tutorial alone and you will only see pics of one hand- that is because I'm taking the picture of my left hand with my right hand. These particular pictures were taken by Casey. If I am doing a nail tutorial and she is around, I have her take the pictures so you can actually see what I am doing! But either way, you can get your point across with a good mix of pictures and descriptions. Even if the pictures are only of one of your hands! Good luck! (Going to check out your blog!)