We were thrilled when Jose Eber contacted us and asked if we wanted to try out their products. We've been wanting to try out a curling wand for the longest, so that is what we chose to review. Holy moly, we LOVE it. I (Casey) have a hard time curling my hair because it never curls the way I want it to curl, and the curl never stays. Well the triple barrel curling iron has made all my super straight hair dreams come true. Watch the review Savannah and I did in the video below:

Some pictures of Savannah's results:
As you can see (from the video) Savannah and I had very different results and that's one of the things I love most about this curling iron (she looks all Taylor Swift-y). You can get so many different types of curls and waves depending on what barrel you use and how you curl your hair.

Have any of you lovely readers tried any of Jose Eber's products? What did you think? Tell us how much you'd love for them to do a giveaway and maybe they'll make your dreams come true.

**These opinions are 100% our own. Jose Eber has not paid us for this review**


  1. I haven't tried the Jose Eber, but I basically turned my 1 1/4" ion into a wand by removing the clamp. It works really well on my already wavy hair (for some reason the top layers of my hair have always refused to curl naturally, while the bottom layers are INSANELY curly. Thus the need for a curling iron on a curly head. le sigh.).
    A giveaway would be an excellent idea! I am very intrigued by the wand Savannah used. Come on people at Jose Eber!

  2. Your hair looks really good. I LOVE the pink tips!

  3. Love! Have to invest in one of those!! I have naturally wavy/curly hair, but this would help me style and it would look so much better!!

  4. thank you for the tips, I personally prefer the regular curling iron, I use the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Clipless Curling Iron which makes pretty long lasting curls and waves. :D

  5. Hiya, I'm new to your blog having discovered you via craftgawker & I've gotta say I'm loving the pink dip dye hair!

  6. amazing hair. Love it <3
    xo, Petra

  7. OH MY! I LOVE IT! I have a hard time with curls staying in my hair! I LOVE the wavy look! Super beautiful!

  8. hi can I ask how you get companies to let you review & try the products.I'm completely new to Utube and have no idea at all how it works?If it doesn't cost money to subscribe why do they even have that feature & do the companies sponsor you in any way?
    please help loved your video & loved the product.

  9. Your hair is so lovely in these pics! Just looking at them is almost making me wanna go pink or something too... unfortunately my job wouldn't like that, haha.

    Sarah |