So my mom gave me this boots as a gift and I absolutely love them! They are Minnetonka and I had wanted them for a while and yay now I have them BUT, when they came in, the fringe looked sooooo nutty. This is only because when fringe is all squished in a box and being shipped, it tends to form into whatever shape it's laying in. Anyways, it's a super simple fix so if you have or may have the same problem in the future, here's what you do.
Another picture of the fringe with a mind of it's own.
Lay your boots on a flat surface, making sure the fringe is laying flat on both sides. I did this by holding the boot horizontally level with the table and sliding it onto the table starting at the top of the boot. Flatten out the fringe on the top as well.
You will need to lay down a sturdy flat surface directly onto the boots and then top it with a heavy item or multiple items. I used my laptop and a bunch of magazines. Leave this for at least a day.
After a day (or longer), roll up a magazine and drop it in your boot to help it stand up. When you aren't wearing your boots, store them standing up. This will help the fringe to continue to keep flat and stay uniform.

This is something that is good to do when you've just gotten your boots. The more you wear your boots, the more the fringe will fall!


  1. Great advice!

    I keep my fringe boots with a big roll of newspaper during the summer so the fringes won't do whatever they want and rebel against the system haha


  2. Cut a pool noodle up into the right lengths to stick in the boot... firm, reusable, easy, and CHEAP :)

  3. Great idea! I realized boots prefer to be stored standing up, so I just keep the original packaging they come with now and stick it back in when I'm not wearing them. Keeps my boots good as new!


    Kristina does the Internets

  4. Love these boots!

    Great idea about the magazines. I've heard about the noodle trick but honestly I don't want to go buy one, as cheap as they are. I have a bunch of magazines lying around so I prefer the free option!

  5. What a good idea.
    xx Tanya

  6. Great ideas & very useful as I too have this problem!

  7. Just ordered some Minnetonkas with fringe so this post is perfect timing :)