diy: painted lounge chairs

So we have been working on our backyard for what seems like forever now. We figure one thing out and then realize we don't like something we had done before. And then we redo it. I think the problem is that our vision started our kind of foggy. The backyard was just this huge slab of asphalt, so it was really hard to imagine what was going to happen back there. We've kind of just been working as we go.
We searched every inch of the universe for lounge chairs that we liked and that didn't cost 2.8 million dollars. We never found any. We settled on these chairs which were $80/each from Old Time Pottery. We weren't crazy about them. so we had this crazy idea to paint them. Well, painting these chairs made a huge difference in the pool area. We really weren't feeling the vibe that was happening back there and we realized the plant organization and the chairs were the culprits. We decided to see what would happen if you spray painted the chairs. After using about 3 cans for one side (and it still looking pretty gross) we explored other options. We bought some really cute cushions that arrived in the wrong size and then we decided to explore the painting again. Not sure why we didn't try it at first, but we ended up just roller painting the seats with outdoor paint.

You will need:
- Outdoor Paint
1. Paint the seat white with a roller and let dry completely. (We don't have a pic of this step.) We used regular outdoor paint in regular white. Paint a second coat and let it dry completely. Make sure you paint the backs of the chairs too because it'll look pretty crazy when the back is a different color.

2. Tape up the seat/ everything that is white. We used contractor paper and frog tape to cover everything we didn't want to be gold. You will have to do some touch ups on the seat with a paint brush, so get too worried if something is sprayed gold that shouldn't be.
3. Spray all the metal gold, everywhere. We used a Rustoleum Metallic Gold.
4. Remove the tape and paper and use a brush for any touch ups.
We realized after doing all of the chairs that the best order to do this in would probably be to spray paint the metal parts gold and then to paint the seat white. You could get away with not taping at all that way. We just weren't sure in the beginning if we could cover up the gold with the white, but as it turns out, you super can. We ended up adding one more white coat at the end just to really even it out. We probably could've gotten away with two, but just to be safe, we did three! 

We have so many more backyard areas to show you, and if you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen some peeks already. We will be sharing a post about our stock tank pool along with a regular before and after of the whole space soon!

xo, Savannah


  1. Love this idea!! Would also love to see a blog post on setting up a stock tank pool, I'm so intrigued by this idea!

    1. It's coming!! We have diy for the pool coming to the blog.

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  4. Love this idea for the outdoor chairs!! How well has the paint held up? Everything looks great!