DIY yarn wall hanging

This winter we participated in a flea market/ craft show and decided that we wanted our booth to be Christmas overload. We wanted people to look at our booth and feel the Christmas spirit. We built some walls and made it kind of like a little store. The most work was spent on decor DIYs for the walls, and this yarn wall hanging was one of the main pieces. We made two of them because they were really easy and took up a good amount of wall space. After the show was over, we realized we had some really good usable decor on our hands! One of them may go in a room we are working on for a client, but we are still searching for a home for our other guy. Anyway, I'm going to show you how we made them!
It's very simple, and all you need is a bunch of yarn (hopefully yours is not as messy as ours), scissors, and some thumbtacks or tape to secure your piece while you are making it.
Step 1.
Cut a string about 3 times as wide as you want your piece to be. You can either secure the strand on the wall like I did here, or you could tape it down on a table so it doesn't move anywhere. You could do this without securing this strand, but trust me, it'll be easier if you do.
Step 2.
Cut a strand of yarn about 6 feet long and fold it in half. Place the loop behind the secured strand.
Fold the loop over the secured strand.
Pull the part that is hanging down through the loop.
Pull down on the two strands that are hanging down...
...until it is tight enough to look like a knot.
Step 3.
Repeat step 2 over and over again until you have as much yarn hanging down as you would like. Keep in mind that each individual should be able to move side to side. If you have some spaces (like in the picture above) you can just move the pieces to cover it up. It's also really easy for the pieces to get really close to each other, so just adjust accordingly.
Step 4. 
Put two nails, thumbtacks, or screws in the wall where you would like to hang your pieces. Tie each end onto the nails and secure with a knot. Cut the excess string.

There you have it! A really simple to make piece that will bring a lot of texture and style to your room. Tag us in your IG pics if you make one!

xo, Savannah


  1. Tassletastic!! Simple yet really striking!

    Faded Windmills

  2. How much yarn was used for this project? Wouldn't want to buy yarn and run out mid-project! Thank you in advance.

  3. I believe we used less than a skein of yarn.

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