Sweet Inn: A Charming Lisbon Airbnb

It seems like just yesterday we were walking the streets of Lisbon with not a care in the world except what we wanted to eat for dinner. We were very lucky to experience the Baixa neighborhood while staying in this lovely apartment by Sweet Inn. Just steps away were many cafes, restaurants and shops and we could be riding the subway in just a couple minutes. It was everything we needed while exploring the gorgeous streets of Lisbon.

If you look closely you will see that the wall behind this table actually has books attached to it! We thought this was a really cool idea- the pages open up and create a neat look on the wall.
One of our favorite things to do on our trips is to make a meal or two at home. It saves money and provides a fun experience you wouldn't otherwise have. (i.e. crowded Portuguese grocery stores and figuring out how to work a European oven.)

The kitchen featured all the essentials you would need to cook dinner and have coffee in the morning. There was also a washer and dryer which I really wish we had used. We forgot about it and ended up washing our clothes in the sink when we got back to The Azores. Having a washer and dryer is essential if you are traveling for a long time!
Our favorite area of this apartment was the whole wall that was made of windows. There were two doors in the windows that opened up to the area outside. Unfortunately at the time that we were staying, there was construction going on outside so there wasn't much to look at. But when that construction is done, it will be even better!
Another exciting thing for us in this apartment was that there was a pull-out bed in the couch. A lot of apartments for 2 people only have one bed. Savannah is a light sleeper, so being able to have our own beds is essential to a night of rest!
This Sweet Inn apartment was lovely because you get the uniqueness of what vacation rentals offer combined with the amenities that hotels offer. It's exactly what they are trying to accomplish- the best of both worlds.

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