Transforming Our Home Studio to a Boho Modern Farmhouse

You guys, our studio has looked like a scene a from a disaster movie for months. This room has gone through a lot of transition since we've moved in over 3 years ago. First, it was set up as place to make clothing because at the time we were making hand dye kimonos. So there was a very large work table in the middle of the space.

Then we had a professional organizer come in and sort out all of our mess. This room also houses our washer and dryer which is one of the big reasons this room turns into a disaster. If we don't stay on top of our laundry (like serioulsy keep it tight a.k.a. nothing ever left in the dryer) the rest of the room just falls apart.

If you'd like to see our studio's transformation story from when we first moved in, click this link here. It's definitely worth a gander!

When the organizer came, we were also doing Airbnb upstairs so we had even more of a major laundry crisis. We were changing sheets every single day, which means we had at least one load every day. Our organizer helped us get a system that worked for our clothing business and all its supplies and deal with our major laundry issues. That system worked well until we stopped making clothing and stopped doing Airbnb.

We wanted to turn the studio into a workspace that would work better for our current needs. So Savannah turned our giant work table into a desk. You can see that DIY post here.

This was the way the room stayed for a while, however we found ourselves not using our desks for work very often. We would end up sitting in our living room on the couch or we would sit at the dining room table. The studio just wasn't completely flowing. We knew we wanted more for this studio space.

Ashley Home Store has a group on Facebook that we are part of and they were doing a contest late last year. They asked people what room they wanted to redo and what ideas they had for that room. I instantly knew that room was the studio for us.

I went on their website and saw so many things that would make our space more of what we needed. So I responded with my ideas and we ended up being one of the people who were selected to participate in their project. We were pumped because this would be the push that could get this room to finally shine! So without further ado here is the finished product. We are very happy with the end result.

We can even host large groups in this space!

If you live in an older house like we do, you probably have experience with weirdly shaped rooms. This room is one of those. The sectional we chose is great because you can move it around into many different lengths. This room is not symmetrical at all, but this sectional somehow balances it all out. If you don't have enough space for this large sectional, they also have a couch version!

We were able to fit so much seating in the room while maintaining the flow of the walkways, AND we still have our desk area!

This cabinet is actually a DIY I did (and am not completely done with yet) and one day I will do a blog post about the process.

You can see our rug from Ashley in this pic, but really Daisy was posing right there every time I went to take a photo, so here is her close up!

Okay, so I bet you are wanting the link for something in our studio, and I'm going to do my best to link all of them for you below!


  1. Hey girls! Love your room. Could you tell me where you found the orange desert horizon pic with the cactus in the corner? It is seriously haunting me, and my modern southwest home needs it! Thank you😄

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    1. The couch is named and linked at the bottom of the blog post. I think they are out of stock though.

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