Monday, March 18, 2013


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We looooove our label maker. We label EVERYTHING. Casey even labeled her cell phone. We really love the look of the punched lettering. So why wouldn't we make a bracelet with our label maker? That's right, there's no good reason why we shouldn't. Here's what you need- A label, a thick piece of cardstock or in our case, a business card. scissors, a hammer and a nail, 4 jump rings, a lobster claw closure and a piece of chain. Here's what you do...
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Make your label.
 photo DSC_0531-3_zpsf4c51f3d.jpg
Peel the back off and stick the label on your cardstock.
 photo DSC_0532-3_zps62be2312.jpg
Cut the label out of the cardstock, making the label much thicker.
 photo DSC_0536-1_zps9856622f.jpg
Put one hole on either side of the word using the hammer and nail.
 photo DSC_0539-1_zpsc787e3e4.jpg
Attach one end of the chain to one of the holes using a jump ring.
 photo DSC_0540-2_zpsab02cfa8.jpg
Repeat on the other side. The chain should be as long as you need to fit around your wrist comfortably.
 photo DSC_0543-1_zps02683805.jpg
Cut the middle of the chain to add a closure.
 photo DSC_0545-1_zpsd582704c.jpg
Add a lobster claw to one side using a jump ring.
 photo DSC_0547-1_zpsede72055.jpg
Add a jump ring by itself to the other side.
 photo DSC_0551-1_zpsae9a4b00.jpg
Nice! Play around with the numbers and symbols on your label maker to change it up. We used a "$" in place of an "S" on the first bracelet.


  1. What is your guy's label maker/what brand, and where can I get one?! xD all I can find is the printable kind! Thanks :D

    1. We got it at Walmart. They are called embossing label makers.

  2. A project after my own heart! Love labeling!

  3. This looks awesome - I've gotta get one!

    p.s. I put your button on my blog sidebar. Hope you like it!

    Keep up the great work

  4. This is pretty awesome! so unique!

    xoxo Julieta


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