Have you been on Pinterest lately? It's THE place to find pictures of super intricately designed nails, and honestly, it depresses me about my unpolished fingers. So, today I decided to do something about it. I'm sure you all enjoy the chevron print as much as we do so I decided to give that a shot...on my finger nails. Here is the tutorial on how I did it.

You will not need any "special" tools, just scissors, tape, and 2 different nail polish colors of your choosing. Here I have used red and a shimmery beige.

Step 1: File your nails just to make sure each one is symmetrical.
Step 2: Apply a base coat.
Step 3: Apply nail polish in the color you want the middle stripe to be.
Step 4: Tear off a piece of tape, make sure it is quite wider than your nail.
Step 5: Cut a triangle shape into the tape from the bottom of the tape (keep both parts of the tape).
Step 6: Take the top piece of the tape and place it over one nail (make sure your nail has completely dried). Make sure the tape is completely sealed to your nail so the polish doesn't seep underneath the tape.
Step 7: With the other nail polish, paint over the space and tape.
Step 8: Very slowly remove the tape. Repeat on all nails.
Step 9: Take the "bottom" piece of tape and place it over your nail (after it has completely dried).
Step 10: Paint the top of your nail and over the tape as well.
Step 11: Very slowly peel off the tape. Repeat on all nails.
Step 12: Paint a clear coat on all your nails and voila! Chevron nails.

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