I found this inspiration board on and it
inspired the color combination of this nail tutorial.

I had so much fun doing the Chevron Nail Tutorial, I decided to try a new design (which just happens to be a little simpler). I still used the tape method but it only takes about half the steps. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Always start with a clean and filed nail.
Step 2: Paint all of your nails with a color of our choosing. Here I used "Marine Blue".
Step 3: When the nail polish has completely dried, take a piece of tape and place it diagonally on the bottom part of your nail.
Step 4: With another color of nail polish, paint over the open nail and tape. I used a shimmery navy.
Step 5: Slowly remove the tape. Repeat on all nails.
Step 6: When it has dried completely again, paint a top coat on your nails.
THE END. Pretty nails!

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