When we read some posts a while ago that said "make your own nail polish"... we were intrigued. That sounds like it'd be a lot of work and pretty stinkin' complicated. But what everyone really meant was, "this is how you make your own custom nail color." Once we realized this, we thought it'd be fun to see how well it actually worked. First of all, you will need a bottle of clear or white nail polish and some eye shadow. It will help you to have a sheet of paper as well and something to scrape the eye shadow with- I actually can't remember what I used! The end of a pen maybe?
Anyways, FIRST- Pour out some nail polish if your bottle is completely full. You will need some room for the eye shadow. SECOND- Scrape the eye shadow(s) of your choosing until you pile up a good amount. We liked mixing colors because using just one seems kind of boring... unless you have a really awesome color. Our colors were all pretty simple. THIRD- Roll a piece of paper into and cone and use it to put the eye shadow into your nail polish bottle. FOURTH- Close the bottle and shake it up! We finished our polishes by using a label maker to put their "names" on the bottle- aren't we so creative? ha! joking.
Don't get me wrong- there is not a shortage of nail colors out there. This is just fun and we found it worked pretty well! We definitely liked starting with white nail polish better because you could use less eye shadow and the color was waaaayyyy more opaque. Starting with clear nail polish just gave our nails the slightest tint of color. In the picture, the orange polish has three coats and the purple has one coat. These polishes also have a very very matte finish- as I suspect would happen with any color. I think this method is mostly just fun. I think I'll stick to buying my colors already made for now. But, if you feel like experimenting- this would be a fun one!


  1. Wow!!! this is awesome :D Thanks a lot..

  2. Awesome! I love it. I have to give my grandma most of the credit for my nails. They have pretty much always been strong. But since I have started painting my nails on the regular I have had to use cuticle cream to keep them healthy. I'd recommend mine, but it's discontinued . . . :( It's made mostly of Shea butter, though, if that helps! My site