We decided to add on to our garden to accommodate all the tomatoes that Casey wanted to plant. As you can see, we are probably going to be drowning in tomatoes... IF we keep them up the right way. We made our first raised garden bed with wood sides but when we realized you could do the same with cinder blocks, our lives were changed. The wood one really wasn't that hard to make (our guy friend may have helped out a little) but this just made it even easier. You will need:
1. Cinder Blocks
2. Cardboard Boxes
3. Organic Garden Soil
4. Mushroom Compost
5. Mulch
6. Tomato Plants
7. Tomato Cages
 photo DSC_0987_zps4a368efd.jpg
First, pick a spot in your yard for your garden. Pick the sunniest spot possible. You can see our other garden to the right.
 photo DSC_0988_zps5a88dc80.jpg
Outline the area in cinder blocks. We are using the fence as a back wall because we didn't buy enough cinder blocks in the beginning. We only had 10 so this is what we came up with. We ended up buying more and adding another bed in front of this one.
 photo DSC_0989_zps802f16c0.jpg
Lay down cardboard to cover the ground and grass. This is much easier than tilling up the ground and ripping out all the grass. We also have 3245345 boxes from moving so we were happy to utilize a few of those.
 photo DSC_0991_zps43aea3a5.jpg
Fill your bed with garden soil. We ended up using 4 bags total. In this step though, we only used 3.
 photo DSC_0992_zps927362fc.jpg
Then add a layer of compost, we used 2 bags. Then we added one more layer of garden soil and mixed the top layers together.
 photo DSC_0994_zpsdec4de6c.jpg
Measure around your plants and space them as far as they need to be.
 photo DSC_0995_zpsc4a5c940.jpg
Plant those guys. We just stuck the label in the ground that comes with the plant, maybe we will make some cute ones later? At this point we sprinkled in some plant food and watered really well.
 photo DSC_0996_zps5621bd2e.jpg
Then cover that bed with mulch. photo DSC_0997_zpsebf5d2e9.jpg
Then put in your tomato cages. One cage per tomato plant. Maybe we have 5 different kinds of tomatoes...
 photo DSC_1000_zpse9d3726c.jpg
We hope to put more of our gardening adventures on the blog so stay tuned!


  1. Love this idea! I'm a beginner and this is a great way to learn while cutting cost.

  2. Great job! I love gardening! In CA we had 2 raised beds and an in-ground garden. And my raised beds ALWAYS did so much better.

    P.S. we're moving and would be happy to take those boxes off your hands! I live in Nashville. Is that weird to ask over a blog to people I don't know? OK hope that isn't to stalkerie but desperate for boxes.

  3. Love the idea of putting down a barrier for the grass and weeds :)
    Jana@333 Days of Hand Lettering

  4. this looks so cute! have you thought of gardening in the cinder blocks? putting herbs or little flowers planted in there?