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We received so many things from Martha Stewart Jewelry to create some pieces of our own. There were so many options but I really loved all the rhinestones so I decided to make something using those. Everything was so easy to use and so cute! I'm looking forward to playing around with the rhinestones more.
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To make this bracelet you will need:
-Jewelry Glue
-Rhinestone Settings
-Round-nose pliers
-Flat-nose pliers
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Glue your rhinestones into the rhinestone settings.
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I'm using the settings that have loops on both sides.
 photo DSC_0887_zpsacf7cf66.jpg
Connect all the settings with jump rings.
 photo DSC_0888_zpsb5343bb1.jpg
Now there is a chain of 4 rhinestones.
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Measure around your wrist and subtract the length of the rhinestones. Whatever is left is how long you should cut the chain. Cut three strips of chain. You will connect them all with a jump ring to the strand of rhinestones.
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From left to right there should be a jump ring, then the rhinestone strand, then another jump ring, the three strands of chain, another jump ring connected to a lobster claw.
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And you are done!
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The chain hangs down a little bit on the back side of your wrist.
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