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So glad I finally got around to making these letters/ numbers. We've had the supplies forever! We can't afford the beautiful metal marquee letters that shops and restaurants have so I made a budget friendly version. Here's what you will need to make your own:
- Poster board, I used about 3 sheets
- Foam board, I used 2 of these
- Pencil
- Scissors
- X-acto knife & cutting board
- Hot glue
- Spray Paint
- Strand of Christmas lights
 photo DSC_0773_zps366e6b6c.jpg
Start off by drawing your letters or numbers on your foam board. I just hand drew our numbers but you could print out a stencil from your computer if you'd like.
 photo 85a37663-9d2a-4f02-9944-5677bfa22fd9_zps98626635.jpg
Cut out the numbers with the X-acto knife.
 photo DSC_0775_zpsbbac0a44.jpg
Here are ours all cut out.
 photo DSC_0776_zps5842aafc.jpg
Draw lines on your poster board with 4 inches in between each line.
 photo DSC_0777_zps047df086.jpg
Cut out the strips.
 photo DSC_0778_zps7f45c9d5.jpg
Hot glue the middle of the strips to the sides of the foam board shapes.
 photo DSC_0780_zpsbb9b69e1.jpg
Here's a better picture of how the poster board strips have 2 inches on both sides of the foam board.
 photo 4614cac9-1486-4320-91ef-68f6355d353f_zpsca74b590.jpg
Here is the "8" finished. This part takes patience.
 photo DSC_0784_zps9d1c0b93.jpg
Spray paint the number and mark with a Sharpie where you want the lights to be. Our bulbs are smaller so we want to have a good amount of lights in each number.
 photo DSC_0785_zpsfd53b980.jpg
Use the X-acto knife to poke a hole where the Sharpie marks are and twist the knife to make the holes big enough for a light to push through.
 photo 3dd2934e-baa5-4b1b-8f0c-d7481830c35d_zps1d0d98b5.jpg
Push the light bulb through the hole from the back.
 photo 3328979e-5cb3-41ca-9bc2-c066fbe74729_zpsc54c61d1.jpg
It should look something like this, a.k.a. kind of messy.
 photo DSC_0788_zps69d25c7a.jpg
Here's what it looks like in the front...
 photo d4670a31-646f-4ec5-a19b-5d0703989a17_zpsfd2992c7.jpg
And all lit up!
 photo b3d33b39-91ee-40b1-8adf-81b80e8953e9_zps765dcb8e.jpg
You could leave your letters all white if you'd like but these are going in our kitchen. Our kitchen is extremely colorful so it only seemed right for these to be colored.
 photo DSC_0806_zpsd00778c5.jpg
See what I mean? hah.


  1. Jooo me encanta la idea!! Y ya estoy pensando en que cumpleaƱos especial hacerla!! Gracias
    Confeti en los bolsillos

  2. I love this! Thank you for this DIY! Can't wait to see more pictures of how you guys decorated your new house. You both are amazing decorators and have the BEST ideas!

  3. This is genius! They're gorgeous and so much fun!

  4. I absolutely adore this DIY! I blogged about your tutorial and have pictures of my finished project on my blog. I hope you lovely ladies will go check it out :)
    xo, Holeh Pocket