before and after: goodwill dress to a flirty romper

So a couple weeks ago I posted a picture on Instagram of this romper I made out of a dress I got at Goodwill. Everyone seemed to really like it (and I really liked it) so I decided to do a post about it. Now this isn't a full post about how to turn any Goodwill piece into something awesome, this is just what I did this one time. I don't know if I could exactly recreate this again.
We have a little collection of vintage patterns so I found this pattern for shorts. I picked the simplest short pattern. Duh.
This is the dress I started with. I had bought it because I loved the pattern and I had the intentions of altering it into a more flattering dress. The dress sat in the house for a while before I actually did anything to it. Classic Oh So Pretty...
I cut the shorts out of the very bottom of the dress. Then I followed the instructions but I didn't finish the top of the shorts since I'd be adding a top to it. After I did this, I got inspired by this romper. I had been searching the internet for rompers that I liked and could easily recreate with this dress. This romper was super cute and would be the best use of what fabric I had left. I did have to sew a few pieces of fabric together to create the ruffle and I used almost every piece of the original dress. There were hardly any scraps left. We also have a lot of this vintage trim so I used that around the romper instead of making my own trim, Mostly because I didn't have the fabric for that and this adds a more unique detail!
Anyway, this is the finished romper. It's super cute! I love it so.
We like to do alterations and sewing projects like this every now and then so if you enjoy posts like this, comment and let us know! We do it, we just want to know if we should take pictures and share them with you!

xo, Savannah
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  1. I saw this on your Instagram Shop and was so sad when it wasn't for sale! This really makes me wish I could sew well.

  2. Seriously??! This is amazing!!

  3. More tutorials about sewing pls ��...I love your style... for me one -your blog is one of the best blogs.. thank you for the inspiration