diy: nail varnish agate pendant

I’ve recently been playing around with using enamels to create interesting effects such as faux agate and marbled pendants. I love the way you can manipulate the substance to create pattern and crazy images but it is pretty tricky to use, especially in small doses. The enamel and hardener need to be mixed in exact amounts and who has time for that?! So I started thinking a little more about a substance similar to enamel that we all have and that is ready to go. You guessed it, nail varnish!
Cheap nail varnish is perfect for a huge variety of DIY projects so it’s definitely worth purchasing a few colors next time you see a bargain. Once you have you colors of choice why not give this faux agate tutorial a go?
1. Paint your first color around the edge of the cabochon.
2. Drop little blobs of the second color on the inside of this.
3. Continue to drip little droplets of alternate colors into the middle of the cabochon. Use contrasting colors next to each other to create an agate effect.
4. Once you’re happy with your design leave it to dry. The varnish will sink a little as it dries. You can add more layers or leave it as it is.
5. Cover the cabochon with clear nail varnish to create a clear seal.
6. Leave to dry.
7. Use jump rings to attach the pendant to your necklace chain. You can see how to do that here.
Contributor Post by: Fran


  1. Amazing and unique necklaces, love it!

  2. This is so cute!! What a great idea! Happy Valentine's Day :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  3. So pretty. I adore the pendant. I might try this DIY too.
    New Zealand Golden kiwi fruit

  4. i've done this to a chain bracelet that i have (it was just a bunch of the cabochon linked together that were originally meant for 3D pictures but i lost the little bauble that made the pics 3D) fo mine i added a layer of glitter over the nail polish before the clear polish, they are soo adorable!

  5. Love this idea. I think using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on top of the nail polish would make an interesting effect.

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  7. I never thought that it could be used in that way with nail polish. It is really beautiful and I cannot wait to start

  8. I've been making earrings, necklaces and bracelets like this for years, mostly using clear glass cabochons and the settings. There are so many beautiful, glittery colors of inexpensive nail polish, so I make sets to match most every outfit I have!