The 6 Best Ways to Display Your Houseplants

We constantly get questions over on Instagram about how we have our plants hung. We realized that many people just don't know their options when it comes to displaying them. You may think you can't have any plants because you don't have any extra floor space. But today we are going to talk about all the different ways you can display them, and some of them have nothing to do with your floor space.

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1. A bookshelf / If you have any bookshelf, freestanding or hanging on the wall, then you can definitely find a place for a plant. Just remove four or five books and you've got space for a small succulent or philodendron. And if you have a tall shelf like ours your philodendron can grow long and touch the floor for dramatic effect.

2. A fireplace mantle / Our mantle used to have a few plants on it, but now it only houses this fluffy pathos. This plant is basically the center of our living room. Just make sure your plants with long stems hanging are on the ends of the mantle when you are lighting a fire. No scorched plants here!

3. A plant hanger from the ceiling / We love a good plant hanger. So much that we actually bought a GIANT one and hung it in our backyard as a chandelier. We've tried our hand at making them ourselves and bought some really great ones off of Amazon. We were lucky that this hook was already in the ceiling when we moved in.

If you are going this route, make sure you buy a hook that can handle the weight of your plant and also make sure you are screwing it into a stud or beam or buying a kit specific to a ceiling. If you screw a regular hook into the dry wall, it won't matter what kind of weight it can hold- it will eventually fall out. Just read any instructions before you hang your plant.

4. A plant hanger from the wall / I bet this is the thing people ask us the most about. If you are worried about hanging your plant from the ceiling correctly, get one of these wall hangers and mount your plant on the wall. It's way more straight-forward! These are great if you're plant crazy like us and have run out of spaces to put plants on. You can usually find a place on the wall :)

5. An individual plant stand / This is a great alternative to setting your plants on the ground. The benefits are that you plant will be closer to the light and/or it can jazz up plain pots. There are so many different kinds of plants stands to suit all different styles. Here is one that is similar to ours in the photo and here is one that has sort of a mid century vibe and is very popular at the moment.

6. A multi-plant stand / We found this particular plant stand at a vintage store in the middle of nowhere for $15. Casey had been on the lookout for one and in Nashville they were all $75+. Now you can actually buy this one that is really similar and brand new on Amazon. If you have the space, this is a great way to have a whole plant section in your home and explore different varieties. Plus it's a cute decoration.

Make sure you pay attention to the lighting requirements for each plant you plan on using. In general the bottom shelf won't get as much light as the top. We may, or may not, have killed a few plants by not paying attention to this with this stand.

We hope this post has inspired you to find room in your home for a plant or two. If you want to see more posts like this, pin any image here on your Pinterest! Also, find more content on our Instagram here.

xo, Savannah

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  1. I love your multi-plant stand! I need to get one of those! I tried putting some hanging above my fireplace but they weren't getting enough light in that area so I had to move them. I love the look of hanging them on the wall too.

    xo Felicia

    1. There are so many places in our house that could use a plant, but the lighting just isn't right. So sad! But when you find the right place for a plant you feel really successful haha.