the diy: beaded macrame bracelet

 photo dcd4cc93-5eec-4756-8021-695d418af01f_zps050ecc57.jpg
This bracelet turned out way nicer than I had hoped for. The gold beads make it seem like more than just a "friendship" bracelet. But, it really is just a fancier version of a friendship bracelet. All you need is braiding cord and some small geometric beads. I'm sure regular beads would work too.
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Fold a piece of string in half and tie a knot by the fold, leaving a small opening for later. The string should be about 2 feet long.
 photo DSC_0942_zps28cc912d.jpg
Secure your string with some tape or a clipboard.
 photo DSC_0943_zps913eb444.jpg
String some beads onto the left string. I used 17 beads but, the number of beads you use should depend on the size of your wrist. More beads = bigger wrist. Less beads... you get the point right?
 photo DSC_0944_zpsda76ceed.jpg
Tighten the two strings and tape them down. I taped mine to the back of the clipboard.
 photo DSC_0946_zpsc2d6a05d.jpg
Cut another piece of string about 4 feet long. Tie it in the middle onto your two taped-down strings, above the beads.
 photo DSC_0948_zps90e1213f.jpg
You will tie a square knot between each bead. So start off by tie a square knot. You basically are tying a knot forward (or to the right), and then tying the same knot backward (or to the left).
 photo DSC_0949_zps357f9e66.jpg
After you've tied one knot right and one knot left, slide a bead up the string, right up against what you've just tied.
 photo DSC_0950_zps518f6894.jpg
Tie a square knot under the bead. Remember, a square knot is really two knots- one to the right...
 photo DSC_0953_zps48e8cbe7.jpg
and then one to the left.
 photo DSC_0954_zps0061abd8.jpg photo DSC_0955_zps9d6c2213.jpg
Alternate back and forth, one square knot, one bead, until you have made the bracelet as long as you need it to be to wrap around your wrist.
 photo DSC_0956_zps6cffeb3e.jpg
Tie a regular knot with all of the string.
 photo DSC_0958_zps195d5169.jpg
Cut off the excess string!
 photo 2cc974ca-4b57-470e-b457-20d989f9d27a_zpsf5664eee.jpg
And now you have a bracelet that will easily go on and off your wrist.
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  1. Soo cute and love your clipboard too, thanks for sharing:-)

  2. This is such a fantastic diy! It's been pinned onto my pinterest and added to my must-do craft with my DD!

  3. I always thought that these type of bracelets were so cute! I must try this out this summer. :)

  4. Oh definitely adding to my diy to do list. So cute.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  5. I love this macrame bracelet! I'd love to try this sometime! Thanks

  6. I couldn't get the square knot down, so mine looks really weird and crooked, but quirky. Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  7. So cute! I've always use wood beads with macrame but, this looks way prettier :) Thanks for sharing! I will try to make it soon.

  8. Very pretty maybe you could show how the long macrame beaded length can be made into a bracelet once you cut off the string at the end as directed. There is no directions on how to secure it together to make a bracelet with it. I love it though. It looks great.