DIY Copper Hanging Rack for LESS

We are getting back to our roots and are going to start updating this blog which has been the core of our online success. Since our last post, a lot has changed in our lives. 

Today we are bringing you such an easy and inexpensive DIY and I'm honestly not sure why this isn't more common. We have been finishing our tiny home and we have been working with a limited budget. However we haven't wanted to sacrifice a beautiful aesthetic, which has lead us to DIYing just about everything.

This blog has documented several of DIYs and it's funny to see how much our styles have changed over the years. I remember a time when neon decor was cool and we painted a coffee table in many shades of neon colors. When I see pictures of it now, I think it looks horrible but we loved it at the time. We have always loved color but we are using it more sparingly in our new home. Our previous home was boho, eclectic, colorful, and had a lot of bold statements. All of that totally fit our style, location, and home at the time. But now we are in a tiny home in a very rural setting and having black and white geometric wallpaper with banana leaf covered dining chairs just doesn't seem to the right vibe. 

Our new design vibe is French country, English cottage, cozy, and more neutral with a little color here and there. The house is not done yet and we only have bare drywall in our living room but our kitchen is turning out to be lovely if I do say so myself. When looking for inspiration for our kitchen, a lot of the kitchens I loved had a gold or copper hanging rack. The ones you can buy are outrageously expensive but luckily for you and me, we have an inexpensive and easy DIY to get the same look. 

Materials for this project:

1/2'' Copper pipe 

Copper elbows

Copper bell hangers

Copper S hooks Option 1

Copper S hooks Option 2

Copper End Cap

Copper Pipe Cutter


- Copper Bonding "glue" (optional)

Step 1. Figure out how long you want your copper rack and cut your copper pipe to that length. You can use this tool to cut the copper pipe. The reader's digest version of how to use it is to tighten the cutter around the pipe (with the pipe sitting perfectly in between the two rollers) and roll it around the pipe. You may have to tighten the cutter as you go and depending on what size cutter you purchased, it could take up to 20 turns.

Step 2. Find the studs in your wall. Make a note of where they are and then measure how high you want the bar to go. It's helpful to have an idea of what you want to hang on your rack so you know how high it needs to be. Mark this height on the studs. We did three bell hangers for a 6' span which adds up to about 32" between each bell hanger.

Step 3. Attach the bell hangers to the studs. We started out using the screws that came with the bell hangers but they would sometimes break. We ended up using some 2 1/2" wood screws we had laying around.

Step 4. Put the copper pipe into the bell hanger and screw the bell hangers closed.

Step 5. Add the caps to the end of the pipe so that you don't have sharp ends. We did not permanently attach the caps. If you want to do that, you can use a special bonding product to secure the caps to the pipe. 

Step 6. Add your hooks and hang up all your kitchen wares you want to put on display. Here are some of the things that we have added to ours: 

Copper colander

Hanging Baskets

Scissors Option 1

Scissors Option 2

- Mini Oven Mitts

- Enamelware Ladle

The addition of this rack makes our low budget kitchen look more expensive and elegant. We have enjoyed playing around with the things we hang on the rack. It's a great place to hang seasonal decor. It's really nice to have the things we use most often in such an easy to reach place. 

So if you aren't an expert DIYer, you don't have a lot of storage space, and you want to add some pizzazz without breaking the bank, this is the project for you! 


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