5 Reasons To Use A Wood Pellet Stove

The moment Fall weather hits, we start building fires. Inside, outside, while camping, at dinner parties, and any other way you can imagine. It's such a relaxing and cozy thing that we just love to do. This year we are so glad to be partnering with Q-Stoves to tell you 5 reasons to use their wood pellet outdoor heater.

1. It's more efficient than other outdoor heaters. We had never heard of a wood pellet heater before, so we were excited to see that this wood pellet stove costs way less money to operate that propane or electric heaters. 

2. You don't have to do any work. All you do is load in the wood pellets, light the fire and the heater does all the work. The wood pellets are fed by gravity, so you never have to add pellets to keep the fire going. 

3. It has amazing heat output. When we lit the heater the other day, I realized that you can stand really far away and still feel the heat. The actual measurement is 10 ft. 

4. The fire lasts for a long time. Once you've loaded the wood pellets up, the fire should last for 3-4 hours. After a few hours you can add more pellets if you want to keep the fire going longer. I find when we make fires or need to be outside and need heat, we only are outside for about that 3-4 hour range.

5. It's sustainable and produces less waste. Wood pellets are made by compressing recycled saw dust. And the fire only produces a tiny amount of ash. And there is a built in drawer that collects all the ash so no matter where you put your heater, you will leave no trace that you were there!

Another thing we love about this heater is the company that makes it, Q-Stoves. Their goal is to provide people with an alternative to polluting fueled heat and to help reduce air pollution. Casey and I were just talking about easy ways that we can take of the planet at home, and this is one easy switch- less propane and more use of the wood pellet heater instead.

Had you ever heard of wood pellet heaters before? If you are interested in this Q-Stoves heater, you can find it on Amazon by clicking here! And if you like this post, please share the love and pin an image from this post on Pinterest!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Q Stoves. The opinions and text are all mine.

DIY Cute Eyelash Pumpkin + 5 Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

A few years ago Casey and I both came to the conclusion that we don't really like carving pumpkins. It's a LOT of work and it's messy, yet every year we make ourselves do it because it's what you do! But then this year I realized that they make carve-able artificial pumpkins and my eyes lit up. I can carve a pumpkin without the mess and hard labor? Count me in! So today I'm going to show you how to carve one of these pumpkins (of "funkin" as some call it) with a stencil, and bonus- it's stinkin' cute. Find this template and 4 others below after the tutorial.

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To complete this project, you will need:
- A carve-able artificial pumpkin or "funkin"
- X-acto knife
- Scotch Tape
- Something with a pointy sharp end, such as a toothpick
- A cute template!

Start by taping your template/ stencil on the center of your pumpkin. My pumpkin was very slender so I had to cut my template up and move the eyes closer together. Make sure you use scotch tape because you need something gentle. You don't want the paint on your pumpkin to come off!

Take your toothpick and start poking holes around the edges of the shapes on your template.

When you pull the paper off, you should see a bunch of holes in the pumpkin that are the shape of your template.

Take your X-acto knife and start cutting out the shapes by connecting all the dots. Make sure you do this by making smaller poking motions rather than dragging the blade through the foam. I learned the hard way that the layer of paint on the pumpkin will peel off with the dragging motion.

Once you have cut out around a small section you can poke out the piece.

You will also have to cut out a section around the pumpkin stem at the top so you can open the pumpkin (just like normal) to put a candle inside.

We put the top of our pumpkin on for this photo, but when we burn the candle, we just leave the top off. I'm not sure if it's safe or not to keep the top on as it is made of foam. Check with your pumpkin manufacturer if you really want to keep the top on.

And we made a little video so you can see the steps in action!

You can buy these pumpkins online here or go to your local Target and get this exact pumpkin! I'm thinking about getting a couple more to carve because this one was way less stressful to make than all other pumpkins I've carved. Or maybe I should quit while I'm ahead?

Don't forget to grab your free pumpkin carving templates below and tag us on Instagram in your photos of your carved (real or fake) pumpkins!

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xo, Savannah


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    DIY Fall Garland + Doorstep With Old Time Pottery

    This is a sponsored post by Old Time Pottery, and as always, all thoughts + opinions are our own. We are so grateful to our sponsors who make it possible for us to keep bringing you great content! 

    IT'S REALLY FALL, Y'ALL! Here in Nashville, in one day the temperature went down 28 degrees. It went from blazing hot- wearing tank tops + shorts- to delightful fall temps- wearing jeans + flannels. Praise! I'm here for that. I am here for it, ok? When we decorated our front porch it was still blazing hot. No joke it was still 90 degrees, so this all felt like a lie for a second. Pumpkins in 90 degrees ain't right. We knew the weather would change and we'd be feeling fall-y soon. Today we are sharing with you how we decorated our front stoop and how we made this beautiful fall garland.
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    We were really excited to work with Old Time Pottery on this project because we love that store. There is one that's pretty close to our house and the store always has really great finds! For New Years Eve one year we bought 24 champagne glasses there for $24 which was cheaper than buying the disposal plastic ones.

    They have every kind of home thing you can think of. For this project we bought 3 pieces of the same fall garland which is great on it's own, but we wanted to take it the next level and fill it out even more. We also got a variety of silk flowers and a wreath that we are in love with!
    Your first step is going to be to attach all 3 of the garlands together. You will wrap floral wire around the ends until you feel like it is secure.

    Next, wrap floral tape around the wire so that blends in better.

    Now trim the stems on your silk flowers. Make sure to leave enough room to wrap the steps around the base of the garland.

    Next you will want to figure out where you're going to place your flowers. The easiest way to do this is to plan out where your largest flowers are going. Measure your garland and find out where the middle is. This will be your starting point and where you will place your first flower.  Then based on the length of your garland you will figure out how much distance should be between each of the large flowers. Once you have those laid out, then you can more easily figure out where to place your smaller flowers.

    Lastly, attach all of the flowers in their places using floral wire. You can also add floral tape around the wire but we found this was unnecessary because the wire was pretty hidden.

    You will likely have mess around with the flowers and bend the stems a little to make sure that you are having the flowers face forward. This take a little maneuvering.

    Now go hang your beautiful garland somewhere that you can enjoy it all season! The wreath, silk flowers, and the garland were all provided by Old Time Pottery. They have so much fall + Halloween decor, so you should definitely go check one out. Click here to find where one is near you.

    We hope you have enjoyed this DIY and are inspired to make your front door a little more jazzy for fall. Thanks for reading and if you like this idea we would love for you to share it and pin! You guys are awesome!!!