Monday, January 9, 2017

before and after // boho baby nursery Makeover

It has taken us forever to get this post together. We did this room half a year ago! This room belongs to Casey's niece in Casey's brothers house. We knew when we took on this project that this wouldn't be any ol' baby's room. (Casey's brother is lead singer of a heavy metal band. For real.) We knew that pink walls weren't going to cut it. We wanted it to be just girly enough, but still be something that her brother would like. There were some doubts in the beginning about the black walls (basically everyone thought we were crazy for having black girls nursery... Casey's mom especially) but in the end everyone really liked the results.
The first decision we made was the wallpaper. We had some ideas in mind, but you kind of have to be flexible with your ideas, because wallpaper options are limited. It is SO hard to find exactly what you are looking for. There is a lot of wallpaper in the world and a LOT of it is bad. So very bad. We were looking for a needle in a haystack that didn't cost a small fortune (all the fabulous wallpaper does of course). Since we knew we weren't going to be going the traditional girl nursery route, we stayed away from girly wallpaper. I will say that there are a lot of great girly wallpapers out there, just not exactly what we wanted. This jungle leaf wallpaper was the inspiration for the rest of the room The leaf print is silver metallic and so fun. We decided to paint the walls the same color as our dining room- cracked pepper by Behr.

*Side note- this black is great. If you are thinking about painting black and are really scared about it being too dark, use this one! It's not SO black, but you definitely think it's black. It's just softer.
Casey's stepdad, Richard, installed laminate flooring in this room. This was a major improvement from the painted red flooring before. Ick. We were also lucky enough that he also applied the wallpaper because it takes him 2 seconds. I'm confident it was take us 89 days at least...
We knew we wanted to have books displayed on a bookshelf like this, so we ended up DIYing it for close to nothing, compared to $12 for one (shorter) shelf. We filled the shelves with books about women and life lessons. This part was really fun and now I want to own a bunch of children's books.
This moon was created just by putting some sticky hooks on the wall in the shape of the moon and twisting the wire back and forth between each. The same method was used on the triangle in my own room
Crib- Ikea / Fitted Sheet- via Castilleja / Blanket- Castilleja / Shawl- Vintage / Changing table dresser- Babies R Us / Rug- Urban Outfitters / Moon lights- Amazon / Flamingo lights- Castilleja / Curtains- Urban Outfitters / Wallpaper- Eijffinger / Wall decor- Urban Outfitters / Butterfly print- Old Made Good / Bookshelves- DIY 

We have a few other rooms to share with you and we are working on another right now! Oh and our downstairs bathroom just finished being remodeled so we will be taking some photos of that in the near future. Thanks for reading!

xo, Savannah

Monday, November 28, 2016

hosting thanksgiving in the backyard

We got really lucky with the weather this Thanksgiving. We were hosting 12 people so we knew our best bet would be to host outside- there is ample space out there. The weather doesn't always cooperate with outside events, but this time it did!

We spent a good amount of time and thought on how to set the table and what to use. We wanted it to look festive, but definitely didn't want to have turkeys printed on our table runner. One of our guests sent us the big floral arrangement from Farm Girl Flowers the day before Thanksgiving, so naturally we used it as decor.
We used copper strand lights to make the table setting seem a little more magical.
TIP: When hosting a large group of people, find some pretty disposable plates. It way easier than using real plates that you'll have to clean later AND it's way cheaper than buying a bunch of expensive plates. Also, cloth napkins are a really great way to add color and dress up your plates. Our cloth napkins and table runner all came from World Market.
We also used plastic utensils that were metallic gold. They look really fancy, but again, you can just throw them away. Amazing. Anyway, just wanted to share some photos of our decor. We dined with some family, some friends and some family of friends and it was a really good time. And we ate a lot, of course!

xo, Savannah

photos by Kailee Ramirez and Hey Wanderer

Monday, November 7, 2016

recipe: coconut veggie soup

Around here we are OBSESSED with soups. They are easy, quick and really hard to mess up. I probably have already stressed our love for soups in another recipe post somewhere on here, as this feels pretty familiar. Basically, if you don't eat soups regularly, you are doing something wrong.You could literally just throw a bunch of cans of stuff into some chicken broth (which is kind of how this recipe happened), season it and eat it. It's probably going to taste brilliant no matter what you do. And this soup definitely tastes good, so you should make it.
We've also been cutting back on meat in the house. Mostly because it's too much work to make sure it is frozen when you aren't going to use it in time and then you have to remember to thaw it if you are going to use it, and then there is the fact that dealing with raw meat is kind of weird and gross. Casey is a little crazy about salmonella. So this is a nice vegetarian soup answer to our problems, yet you could still add meat if you were up to it! Either way, it's a healthy option.
Coconut Veggie Soup

- 1 tbs. olive oil
- 1/2 onion, diced
- 2 medium gold potatoes, cubed
- 4 cups chicken broth
- 1 can corn
- 1 can black beans, drained & rinsed
- 1 can Rotel
- 1 can green chiles
- 1 can coconut milk
- 1 Tbs. cumin
- 1.5 tsp. salt + pepper
- 1 tsp. onion powder
- 1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1. Heat olive oil over medium-high heat.
2. Add onions and sautee for 5 minutes.
3. Add potatoes and chicken broth and bring to a boil.
4. When potatoes are fork tender, add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 5-10 minutes.
5. Serve hot and garnish with shredded cheese, and greek yogurt or sour cream.
Also, this soup only gets better with time. Store it in the fridge (or even make it ahead of time) and warm up when you're ready to eat. The spices will take the soup to another level on day 2.

xo, Savannah